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Pale Heretic is the games, art and creative studio owned and operated by Alan Lyes. We believe in making the games we want to play, telling stories, creating engaging characters and experiences.

Origin: Temple Valley

Odyssey: Temple Valley is a new card-based adventure game for 1-4 players and now available on Kickstarter! The game is set in a mythical world as society takes a hard blow from plague and famine. You've heard the stories about the temple at the end of the valley and want to seek enlightenment there - and escape from the hardships of your life.

Getting to the temple requires you to journey across to the end of the valley and face whatever trials you encounter, starting with nothing but the clothes you stand in, collecting what you can on the way.


For Odyssey: Temple Valley we wanted to create a combat system that was simple enough that it just need you to roll two dice, was able to include the effects of the Discovery Cards you hold, and would work for solo play.

Here's a video of how it works.



Is a table-top roleplaying game that takes place in a near-future-meets-fantasy setting and is in early development.


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